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Mil-Std 130
UID Solutions


Portable Marking

Portable Ink Jet System

FLEX-A-JET™ Marking System

  • Mobile system configuration, designed for bringing the marker to the part
  • Available in three (3) models, capable of printing up to 6 lines in a mark cycle
  • Includes portable marking head
  • Airless ink jet printers available
  • Features JETEC’s IMS2701™ Application Software

Peen Marking

Multi4 TechnoMark

  • Only a few seconds to change from a bench top fixed tool to a handheld marking gun
  • The same tool can be used to mark the smallest as well as the largest pieces
  • Made up for a quick-fit handle incorporating a start function, a support and a removable foot
  • The marking fonts used conform to aeronautical and automotive standards
  • Marks several characters per second
  • May be controlled by an external system using an RS232 connection or via I/O
  • Easy to integrate into your production lines
  • Produced for industry using quality tried and tested components
  • A self-powered (battery mode)programmable marking gun
  • Light, and easy to handle in all positions and easy to keyboard all the necessary
  • No spares to change
  • No errors or mistakes - all data is held in the memory bank
  • For small and medium sized pieces, whether a single part or for mass production
  • For easy to read, aesthetically pleasing and permanent marking


JETEC Corporation has the capability of upgrading your present marking process to include 2D code marking and reading in compliance with Mil-Std-130. For those customers with existing ink jet or laser marking systems our IMS2701 Software can provide the necessary 2D code marking capability without requiring additional marking equipment. Otherwise, JETEC can provide complete, turnkey 2D code marking systems. All of the marking systems offered by JETEC Corporation provide the capability to print traditional 1D bar codes as well as 2D codes. JETEC marking systems incorporate industrial ink jet, laser scribing and dot peening technologies for Direct Product Marking (DPM), thereby creating a permanent robust mark without the expense and hassle of labels. Additionally, all 2D codes require a 2D code reader for encoding; they cannot be read using an ordinary linear bar code scanner. Process engineers should be aware that there is a large variance in how well vendor 2D code readers perform on varying surfaces. Knowing which industrial marker and reader to use for your specific application can be challenging. We encourage you to allow JETEC to use our expertise in Mark-Read systems to select the best product marking and read verification system for your application. Contact us for free consultation, sample marking, product demonstration and systems definition.

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Contract Marking Services

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