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Laser Systems

Laser marking provides a permanent mark on a wide variety of materials. Traditionally, laser markers used Nd:YAG lasers operating a near-infrared wavelength (1.06 micrometers). Nd:YAG lasers are ideal for writing on metals: stainless steel, aluminum, gold plating, nickel-plated kovar, etc. CO2 lasers, due to their longer wavelength (10.6 micrometers) are better suited for plastics, wood, ceramics, glass, PQFPs, etc. CO2 lasers are now based on all-metal tube technology. They are rugged, sealed units designed for industrial environments.

JETEC Corporation has Laser Marking Systems suitable for most industries. Within the electronics industry JET offers systems capable of printing part numbers, batch codes, bar codes, 2D codes and other product information on components such as PCB boards, connectors, solar panel arrays, etc.

Our IMS Industrial Marking Application Software provides total control of the laser marking system. Using pull-down menus, in a Windows environment, sophisticated laser marking files can be created and stored for operator use.

JETEC’s Laser Marking Systems

  • PCB Laser Board Marking Systems
  • CO2 Laser Marking System
  • Nd: YAG Laser Marking System
  • Fiber Optic Laser Marking System

Our goal is Total Customer Satisfaction. We want to assure you that we will strive to meet all your product identification requirements as well as your end customer’s needs. Send us a sample of your product along with a completed questionnaire so we can demonstrate our marking capabilities. Once received our application sales engineers will process your sample(s) according to your marking instructions and return them within five (5) business days. Afterwards, we will follow-up with you and together, with your assistance, determine the best turnkey solution for your application.


Contact JETEC:

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Laser Systems

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Laser System
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