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Mil-Std 130
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MIL-STD 130M Labels & Tags


JETEC offers a wide selection of preprinted Mil-Std 130M UID compliant labels and tags, an In-House UID label and tag verification service and an economical process to submitting UID data easily and accurately to the WAWF and UID Registry web sites. At JETEC we understand there are three types of customers requiring UID labels, tags and Mil-Std 130M UID compliance:
  • Limited Resource Small-to-Medium Size Companies – these companies have a Mil-Std 130 UID requirement, but cannot afford the expense of purchasing thermal transfer printers or CO2 laser etching equipment, label verification equipment and staffing with the necessary personnel to satisfy UID orders. These companies are seeking a reliable UID partner that will provide UID compliant labels & tags, verification reports and a process to submit UID information to the WAWF & UID Registry.
  • Selective Resource Medium-to-Large Size Companies – these companies have the resources to implement the necessary equipment and processes for full Mil-Std 130 UID compliance, but are electing to outsource and partner with a vendor capable of providing UID labels & tags, including verification reports, on-demand, in a timely manner. Many companies are choosing to focus on their core competencies while depending on outsourced vendors to satisfy their Mil-Std 130M UID label and tag requirements.
  • Full Resource Medium-to-Large Size Companies – these companies have the available resources to fully implement Mil-Std 130M compliant label & tag, UID verification and WAWF / UID registering processes internally but are seeking a UID partner than can assist them in accurately selecting the right UID equipment or process for their operation.



There are several vendors supplying bar code and 2D code labels and tags however, JETEC is a full-service corporate partner, providing on-demand UID labels and tags, printed and/or digital UID label verification reports, submittal of UID data to the WAWF and UID Registry, Mil-Std 130M compliance assessment services, recommended Data Matrix readers, verification equipment and on-site training. For repeat customers, JETEC provides a specific customer page on our ONLINE STORE for the re-ordering of UID labels and tags or verification reports using a credit card.

Placing UID orders via our ONLINE STORE eliminates the need for costly paper purchase orders and allows corporate discount pricing to be applied to multiple customer locations. Credit cards are not billed until the order is complete. JETEC will e-mail a shipping verification notification, including tracking information to the e-mail address on file.



Our standard lead-time for first-time or non-repeat customers is 5 – 7 days for UID labels and 7 – 10 days for laser etched tags, depending on stock availability.

For repeat customers, with JETEC having customer specific label or tag stock on-hand, lead times of 1 – 3 days are available (an expedite fee may be assessed).

New customers, we ask that you send us your label or tag requirements, including dimensional requirements, specifications and current artwork or Click Here to Request a Label Quotation . We will immediately prepare a quotation and set your company up with their own specific customer page on our Online Store.



Mil-Std 130 allows the use of “permanent” labels. Permanent labels must be non-removable, chemical resistant, fade resistant, scratch resistant and legible for the life of the product being affixed. JETEC understands that available physical space is the primary characteristic used in determining the right Mil-Std 130 UID label.

Choose from polyimide (Kapton), polyester, brushed aluminum foil, cloth, paper, etc. JETEC maintains a complete range of label stock, ribbons and tags.

For harsh environments JETEC offers laser etched or dot peened tags.



Mil-Std 130M specifies in Section the “marks that are acceptable per the requirements for printing on label material in shall be acceptable or alternately see appropriate tables in SAE AS9132 for quality requirements.

SAE AS9132 is the Aerospace Industry Marking Standard. Unless, otherwise specified in the contract or order, the UID 2D, Data Matrix symbol shall have a minimum print quality grade of “B” (3.0) when measured with an aperture size of 0.005 inch (0.127mm) with a light source wavelength of 660 nm +10 nm. There are exceptions whereby the Modulation (MOD), Symbol Contrast (SC), or both may measure as low as “C” (2.0) providing the overall grade would be 3.0 if the MOD and SC grades are 3.0 or higher.

JETEC uses the INTEGRA 9500 verifier for Mil-Std 130M UID label and tag verification. The INTEGRA 9500 is the most reliable verifier on the market. There are no moving parts to wear out, no laser diode to burn out and the camera aperture setting is locked from the operator. The INTEGRA 9500 is supplied with a NIST traceable conformance standard test card provided by the Uniform Code Council (UCC) to ensure the INTEGRA 9500 is always within a known calibration standard.The date of the last system calibration is printed on all JETEC verification reports.

With the INTEGRA 9500 the operator is removed from the actual scanning process. Simply place the label or group of labels to be verified within the system’s field of view.

Highlight the bar code or 2D code to be verified and press the Print report key.The operator is removed from the verification process and cannot alter or affect the overall UID grade results. The system can be used to verify 1-up labels and tags or multi-up labels. The system software operates within the Windows XP Professional environment. Click on INTEGRA 9500 for more information.

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