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Mil-Std 130
UID Solutions


Ink Jet Systems

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JETEC Corporation is a Mil-Std 130 UID Solutions Provider specializing in direct product marking (DPM) technologies. We offer a complete line of industrial ink jet marking systems capable of meeting specific product marking requirements for the aerospace, automotive, electronics, food, lumber, home building products, medical and packaging industries. Our turnkey solutions include standalone inkjet printers, semi-automatic systems (where operators are required to feed parts to the ink jet marking system), to fully automatic systems (requiring no operator assistance).

We are an experienced systems integration company with a proven track record of successful ink jet system implementations. Not all industrial ink jet printers are the same. Selecting the right ink jet printer and ink combination from the various industrial ink jet equipment manufacturers [Domino, HP, Imaje, Videojet, Metronic, etc.] can be a difficult task if one is not knowledgeable of the constant improvements in ink jet technology. At JETEC we take pride in staying abreast of industry trends and in qualifying a wide range of ink jet printers for specific applications. Whether meeting specific aerospace manufacturing specifications [Boeing, Sikorsky, Pratt & Whitney or Lockheed Martin], Department of Defense Military Standards or Wal-Mart marking requirements, JETEC can identify the best printer and ink combination to ensure end customer compliance. JETEC is a one-stop shop willing to take responsibility for providing the best solution for your application. Each account is assigned a sales account representative.

They will use their expertise and support team to identify the right inkjet printer, bar code scanner, 2D code reader, mark verification hardware and system software to configure a solution best suited for your application.

Ink Jet Technology

Ink jet is a non-contact, non-abrasive alternative to product marking. There are two primary ink jet technologies: Drop-on-Demand (DOD) and Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ). Drop-on-Demand encompasses valve jet or piezo-electric technology. Most office printers feature DOD technology. In the industrial marking arena, DOD technology is used for marking cardboard boxes and other porous surfaces. A major benefit of DOD technology is its ability to print high resolution (> 300 dpi) alphanumeric, graphics, bar codes and 2D codes. Disadvantages of DOD systems include: limitations in throw distance, inability to accommodate solvent-based inks and frequent clogging of ink orifices. Manufacturers of DOD based industrial ink jet printers are constantly working to eliminate these limitations. Continuous ink jet printers are widely used within the industrial marking arena. They provide excellent throw distance, in many cases up to 0.500” away from the target item. Print heights ranging from 0.030" to 0.500” in a single pass, depending on ink jet printer selected, are achievable. CIJ inkjet printers can be used to mark flat, curved and irregular shaped surfaces. The primary disadvantage of CIJ ink jet printers is their print resolution. JETEC classifies CIJ printers, from the various ink jet equipment suppliers, in three categories (comparisons are based on printers with a maximum 24-dot tall capability. Assumes each dot is touching to minimize dot-matrix appearance.):

Resolution Nozzle Orifice Size Smallest Character Height Tallest Character Height
Normal 60 – 70 micron 0.050” (1.27mm) 0.330” (8.38mm)
Medium 50 – 55 micron 0.042” (1.07mm) 0.250” (6.35mm)
High 36 – 42 micron 0.030” (0.76mm)

0.180” (4.57mm)

JETEC can provide either air-assist or airless industrial ink jet printers capable of printing 1 – 6 lines of print in a single print cycle. Furthermore, through the use of our IMS2701™ Software industrial ink jet printers can print standard Windows fonts, custom fonts, ANSI grade “C” or better bar codes and AIM compliant square or rectangular 2D codes. IMS2701 also supports the control of multi-vendor ink jet printers from a single computer or network.

Ink Jet Inks

JETEC offers a wide range of industrial ink jet inks. Our recommended inks provide excellent adhesion to gold plated, nickel-plated kovar, ceramics, PCBs, plastic, metals [stainless steel, aluminum, etc.], glass, vinyl, wood, rubber and paper. Most ink jet inks dry immediately to the touch eliminating potential smearing or print damage. Alcohol wipe resistant and military marking permanent inks are available. Not all ink jet equipment suppliers have inks to meet the various industry specific requirements. Contact JETEC to obtain a low-cost ink solution for your application regardless of printer.

Golf Tee Marking

JETEC’s ink jet inks are excellent for bar coding, 2D coding, serialization, date coding and product branding. Using invisible UV or NIRF inks, combined with new data encryption techniques, an ink jet process can offer robust security and covert marking alternatives. JETEC offers inks for most industrial ink jet printers, both CIJ and DOD.

A wide range of standard Ink Jet Marking Systems is available. Select from fixed mount conveyor systems to workstation configurations. Most JETEC systems are delivered with our IMS Industrial Marking Application Software. This Windows based software provides on-line fault monitoring, a multiple level security access password feature and the ability to create and store marking files using pull down menus.

JETEC’s Ink Jet Marking Systems

JETEC offers numerous standard, turnkey, inkjet system configurations. Select from our CMS Series™ Conveyor Marking System to our tabletop, portable Vector Series™ single axis marking system. Need to meet Mil-Std-130 2D Code printing requirements, let JETEC identify a turnkey system that incorporates both the industrial ink jet printer(s) and the 2D code verification hardware. At JETEC we are capable of providing turnkey inkjet solutions that incorporate:

  • Material handling(conveyors, JEDEC tray or Auer boat handlers, etc.)
  • Robotic handling (X/Y/Z motion control)
  • JETEC IMS™ Software
  • Machine readable codes (Bar Codes, 2D Codes)
  • Vision systems;
  • Host interfacing

Integrated Marking Station

Some of our standard ink jet parts marking systems include, but are not limited to:

  • BMS™ Series PCB Board Marking Systems
  • IMW™ Series Integrated Marking Workstation
  • Pegasus™ Up spray Standard Marking System
  • Stellar™ Universal Marking System
  • LMS-130™ Integrated Marking Station
  • Orion™ Low-Cost, Table-Top Marking System
  • Flex-A-Jet™ Hand Held Portable Marking System
  • HMS™ Series Tube-to-Tube Marking System
  • FMS™ Series Fixed Mount Systems
  • CMS™ Conveyor Marking System
  • WMS™ Series Web Marking System
  • BigHead™ Multiple Head Stitching System
  • DOD Series Large Character Printing System
  • Our Goal is Total Customer Satisfaction. We want to assure you that we will strive to meet all your product identification requirements as well as your end customer’s needs. Send us a sample of your product along with a completed questionnaire so we can demonstrate our marking capabilities. Once received our application sales engineers will process your sample(s) according to your marking instructions and return them within five (5) business days. Afterwards, we will follow-up with you and together, with your assistance, determine the best turnkey solution for your application.

    Contact JETEC:

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    Ink Jet Systems

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