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Mil-Spec Black Ink for Most Industrial Ink Jet Printers

JETEC Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of air dry Mil-Spec inks for industrial ink jet applications. The 10007074 Black Ink is an alcohol soak resistant ink requiring no UV or thermal curing process for Mil-Spec marking permanency compliance. It is ideal for gold plated nickel kovar, electroless nickel plated kovar, aluminum, ceramic and most coated metal surfaces. Applicable for aerospace, electronics, multi-chip modules, hybrids, PCBs, automotive and consumer parts marking applications.

Inks available for Videojet, Imaje, Domino, Imaje, Metronic (Alphajet) and other industrial ink jet printers.

The 10007074 Black Ink has been designed to be a direct replacement for existing thermal or UV cure inks. However, a proper system flush of the existing ink and replacement of all system filters is required when switching to 10007074 black ink from an existing ink.

10007074 Black Ink is available in quart or liter bottles. The mating System Fluid ™ is available in 9 quart bottles (P/N 10007076) or 5-Gallon pails (P/N 10007079). A value pack (P/N 10007078) consisting of 2 quarts of ink and 7 quarts of System Fluid is also available.

Contact your JETEC representative for additional information or send an e-mail to info@jetec.com. MSDS are available upon request.

JETEC Corporation has pioneered non-contact, direct marking technology for a wide range of industries. JETEC specializes in the design and manufacture of computer controlled, interactive product marking systems for bar and 2D coding and international product identification. JETEC's approach to product marking systems offers an unprecedented reduction in manufacturing costs and cycle times while improving product quality. JETEC's customers have utilized laser and inkjet marking solutions in industries such as printed circuit board manufacturing, semiconductor, electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace, appliance and industrial manufacturing.

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