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Mil-Std 130
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What's New

IMS 5000™ Integrated Marking Application Software

IMS5000 is JETEC’s newest multi-axis integrated marking application software, recommended for Windows 2000 or XP operating environments. It supports X/Y/Z and theta based motion assemblies, industrial bar code or 2D code scanners and verifiers, SMEMA conveyors, laser markers and industrial ink jet printers. READ–MARK-INSPECT-REPORT is a standard feature.

READ: Read bar code on production traveler, automatically select part marking program or read bar code and obtain marking information from host computer.

MARK: Mark part using part marking program parameters. Manually input variable information or automatically download from host computer.

INSPECT: Inspect quality of mark or readability and match code of bar code/2D code. Automatically perform 5-time read and averaging of Mil-Std 130 UID data matrix codes.

REPORT: Send mark history information up to host computer.

IMS5000 is UID Compliant Ready, providing user selectable UID variables for both Format 05, 06, and "DD".

IMS5000 supports multi-cavity part fixtures (JEDEC trays, Auer Boats, custom tooling, etc.) whereby multiple parts can be marked and serialized during a single mark cycle.

A mark preview window has been provided to allow operators the capability to visually see the mark information prior to printing. Like IMS2701, IMS5000 supports interfacing with a wide range of devices from various manufacturers.

JETEC Corporation has pioneered non-contact, direct marking technology for a wide range of industries. JETEC specializes in the design and manufacture of computer-controlled, interactive product making systems for bar and 2D coding, custom software, and international product identification. JETEC's approach to product marking systems offers an unprecedented reduction in manufacturing costs and cycle times while improving product quality. JETEC's customer have  utilized laser and inkjet marking solutions in industries such as printed circuit board manufacturing, semiconductor, electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace, appliance and industrial manufacturing. To learn more about JETEC's products, please

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IMS 5000 



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