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Mil-Std 130
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IMS 4001 Version 3.70
Upgrade New Release

JETEC customers using earlier versions of IMS 4001™ can obtain significant software enhancements and possible increased marking capabilities by upgrading to the current IMS 4001™ Version 3.70. Depending on your current software version you can expect to receive the following:
  • Mil-Std 130 UID Compliance Capability
  • New UDHA option provided, “OnPartDone”
  • Incorporates provisions to prevent Users from overriding the Duplicate Found errors
  • Added improved UDHA optimization overrides
  • Improved 2D code inspection logic
  • Increased 2D code inspector DLLs (supports RVSI, DVT, Cognex and Microscan 2D code readers)
  • Incorporates interactive inspector setup
  • Ability to switch from standard to metric system
  • Correct numerous potential internal GP Fault conditions
  • Added support for vision lamp control
  • Increased maximum number of parts per fixture
  • Includes improved Auto Grid feature for creation of fixtures
  • Added improved Window Font control, including multiline Winfont marks
  • Added per mark rotation and slant controls (applicable for systems with variable theta assembly)
  • Added individual Z-axis height control per mark
  • Improved precision of linear bar code marks
  • Incorporates latest internal memory management scheme
  • Improved X/Y/Z motion optimization
  • Improved 90 degree marking support
  • Improved multi-printer support logic
  • Incorporates compound mark option
  • Incorporates improved “Read”, “Mark” and “Inspect” capabilities
  • Incorporates improved system calibration features
  • Improved 2D code marking logic
  • Added support for integrated UV curing hardware
  • Added single digit year format in date variable
  • Added correction structure to add reference to marks for individual position, skew and rotation adjustments
  • Increased SMEMA conveyor support functionality
  • Added user defined header attributes option to force the X/Y/Z motion assembly to home after completing the program cycle
  • Improved homing logic, providing active “Home” button for operator induced homing of motion assembly
  • Added locator feature to find position information by using the jog feature of the motion system (applicable for systems with vision hardware

JETEC Corporation has pioneered non-contact, direct marking technology for a wide range of industries. JETEC specializes in the design and manufacture of computer controlled, interactive product marking systems for bar and 2D coding and international product identification. JETEC's approach to product marking systems offers an unprecedented reduction in manufacturing costs and cycle times while improving product quality. JETEC's customers have utilized laser and inkjet marking solutions in industries such as printed circuit board manufacturing, semiconductor, electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace, appliance and industrial manufacturing.

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