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IMS2701™ Fixed Mount Device Interface Software

What is IMS2701™ Software? IMS2701 is a standalone, Window based application software, running on a standard PC and is designed to extend the basic capabilities of industrial ink jet printers and industrial marking devices. Running IMS2701 eliminates the need for physical operator interface with the individual devices. All device control can be performed remotely from one central computer.

Users of IMS2701 are capable of controlling numerous ink jet printers, bar code printers and other RS232C devices with one software application.

The number of devices is generally limited by the RS232C ports available. IMS2701 supports most industrial ink jet printers (Videojet, Domino, Imaje, etc.), laser markers, bar code readers (Microscan, AccuSort, etc.) and 2D code scanners (RVSI CiMatrix, DVT, Cognex, etc.).

IMS2701 is Mil-Std 130, UID compliant ready. Users can easily select from Format 05, Format 06 or Format "DD" to construct Data Matrix ECC 200 2D Codes. IMS2701 supports 5-time verification averaging with most industrial 2D code verifiers.

IMS2701 features a three-tier user password, allowing access to authorized operators, maintenance personnel and MIS on a need-to-access basis only. No need to worry about unauthorized changes to individual device parameters, stored message formats and product change over.

Printer device fonts, Windows fonts, 2D code printing (Data Matrix and Snowflake), bar coding (Code 128, Code 39, UPCA, EAN 8, UCC 128, HBIC, I2 of 5), serialization, logo printing, date and time stamping, custom fonts, etc. are just some of the capabilities IMS2701 provides. IMS2701 increases the print capabilities of connected devices.

  Variable assignment and downloading is no problem with IMS2701. Choose from date, time, keyed, file, serial input, database and custom designated variables to imbed into messages. In some case “Hints” are available to assist with the creation of print variables.
  Individual Device Status is constantly displayed. Ink low notification, device fault notification (high voltage fault, disconnected, phase fault, etc.) and READY are just a few of the device messages displayed. IMS2701 supports automatic loading of next message, remote data base look-up, and stitching of bit-map messages.

Bitmap Images Supported

IMS2701 supports several bitmap formats: BMP, COMBOBMP, BARCODE and 2DCODE. Logos and symbols created and stored in subdirectories can be combined in message formats.

Bar Code Generation

A major feature of IMS2701 is the ability to custom tailor bar codes to achieve ANSI Grade “B” or better on most surfaces.

In addition, human readable interpretation (HRI) can be eliminated or automatically positioned above or below the printed bar code. Depending on the printing device to be used to print the bar code, the user can select the number of dots tall the desired bar code will be printed.

For example, most Excel Series printers are capable of a maximum 24 dot tall. Using IMS2701 the user can select a bar code of 1 – 24 dots tall. This is ideal for substrates with limited vertical space for both the bar code and textual information. The human readable “HR” font is user selectable. IMS2701 supports negative bar codes and can optimize Code 128 code sets. A graphical preview of the bar code is displayed.

2D Code Generation

The ability to print 2D Codes is of major interest to many customers. IMS2701 provides the capability to print Data Matrix and Snowflake 2D codes. Users can elect to print square or rectangular Data Matrix codes as well as specify the number of dots comprising each cell. For example, “ABCD12345” can be printed in various ways:

ECC200 is the standard error correction used in most industries.

Ordering Information:

P/N 10004151 SW, IMS2701 Fixed Mount Device Interface Software

Hardware Requirements: Pentium PC with Windows 95/98/2000 or NT, sufficient serial ports for number of devices to be interacted with software.

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