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Mil-Std 130
UID Solutions


Ink Jet Fluids & Supplies

Looking for a low cost replacement to your existing inks and fluids?
Please contact us and request pricing or availability on specific inks.

JETEC offers OEM and low-cost secondary fluids for most industrial ink jet printers (i.e., Domino, Videojet and Imaje) as well as Mil-Spec permanent and customer specific fluids.

Specifically, JETEC can provide:

  • Military Marking Permanent & NASA Approved Inks (Mil-Std 883, Mil-Std 202, etc.)
  • Customer Approved Inks (Boeing, Sikorsky, Lockheed, Pratt & Whitney, Bell Helicopter, Rolls Royce, Airbus, etc.)
  • Alcohol Resistant, Air Dry, White & Black Inks
  • Low Outgassing Inks (ideal for Space Flight Hardware)
  • High Temperature Resistant Inks
  • UV Invisible and Covert Marking Inks
  • Industry Specific Inks (Aerospace, Electronics, PCB and Wire & Cable)
Can’t find the right ink for your application? Seeking to purchase all ink jet fluids from a single source? Need to work with an inkjet supplier to perform Mil-Std 130 UID life testing? Want to know what inks have been pre-approved for use by your customer?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then look to JETEC. Our partnership relationship with various ink jet ink manufacturers allows us to offer a wide range of inks and fluids at competitive pricing. We can help to identify and qualify the right ink for your marking process. Let the Team at JETEC help to improve your just-in-time shipment of inkjet inks and fluids while minimizing your fluid costs.

Fluid Documents

Color Usage
White Ink It is ideal for PCBs, video cassettes, wire and cable, ceramic products, plastics (polystyrene, ABS, CAB and PVC) and most metals. Availability of air dry, alcohol soak resistant white ink for industrial ink jet applications
Black Ink An alcohol soak resistant ink requiring no UV or thermal curing process for Mil-Spec marking permanency compliance

Contact JETEC:

Tel: (949) 477-6161
Fax: (949) 477-6167


Ink Jet
Fluids & Supplies



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