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Mil-Std 130
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What's New

Flex-A-JET™ Portable Ink Jet Marking System

JETEC Corporation, a worldwide supplier of Product Identification Solutions, is pleased to announce a new addition to its long line of product identification systems. The Flex-A-JET Series Portable Ink Jet Marking System is ideal for those customers who need to bring the product marking equipment to the part. It is available in either airless or air-assist printer configurations.


  • Industrial, non-contact, ink jet technology
  • 3.5” (Model 3500), 5.5” (Model 5500) stroke, or multi-axis 4.0" x 2.0" (Model 8400) stroke
  • Standard print cycle of 1.4 seconds
  • Stainless steel stand assembly
  • Flat screen display, CPU, pull-out keyboard tray
  • Integrated cleaning tray w/waste collection unit
  • OSHA approved footswitch
  • Dual fixed position head mounting fixtures*
  • 12-20 ft. umbilical, depending on printer selected
  • JETEC’s IMS™ (Models 3500 & 5500) or IMS 5000 (Model 8400) Ink Jet Marking Application Software
  • Optional, bar code or 2D code scanner for data input

  • Standalone configuration, no need for parts transporter system
  • Computer controlled, footswitch activated
  • Capable of printing ANSI grade “B” or better bar codes (UPCA, Code 39, Code 128, etc.)
  • Prints alphanumeric text, serial numbers, lot numbers, date codes, etc.
  • Prints Microsoft Windows fonts
  • Prints logos, images and customer characters
  • Optional, 2D code printing capability
  • Optional, compound mark print capability
  • Optional, network interfacing


  • Ideal for Mil-Std-130 compliant parts marking
  • Dual handles and light weight reduce operator fatigue
  • Replaces traditional rubber stamping or airbrush marking techniques
  • Can be used in a fixed mount or hand-held configuration
  • Capable of printing ANSI Grade “C” or better bar codes
  • Ideal for aerospace and automotive industries
  • Delivered with full one-year parts and labor warranty

The Flex-A-JET Portable Marking System has been designed to accommodate small, medium and large sized parts. Depending on the ink jet printer selected up to 48 dots tall can be printed in a single print cycle. That’s five lines of print in a single pass (based on a 5 x 7 print matrix). The system easily prints Data Matrix, Snowflake and PDF417 2D Codes. The Model 8400 system provides a full 4.0" x 2.0" marking envelope. Mil-Std 130L compliant system configurations are available.

Brake Shoes Printed w/White Alcohol Soak Resistant Ink
Data Matrix 2D Code on Metal Piping
3-Lines of Aerospace Parts Marking
Data Matrix 2D Code on Tires


JETEC offers a wide selection of industrial ink jet printers to configure your Flex-A-JET system specific for your application. Not all industrial ink jet printers offer the same printing functionality nor do they all require the same periodic maintenance. For optimum portability your preference should be an airless ink jet printer.

Choose from aerospace approved, Mil-Spec compliant, DOD marking permanent, air dry, UV curable and industry specific inks, in varying colors, to ensure your Flex-A-JET system is capable of meeting your current and future parts marking needs. Look to the team at JETEC to assist you in selecting the right ink and ink jet printer to be used with your Flex-A-JET system.

For more information, contact your local JETEC Sales Representative at sales@jetec.com.

JETEC Corporation has pioneered non-contact, direct marking technology for a wide range of industries. JETEC specializes in the design and manufacture of computer-controlled, interactive product making systems for bar and 2D coding, custom software, and international product identification. JETEC's approach to product marking systems offers an unprecedented reduction in manufacturing costs and cycle times while improving product quality. JETEC's customer have  utilized laser and inkjet marking solutions in industries such as printed circuit board manufacturing, semiconductor, electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace, appliance and industrial manufacturing. To learn more about JETEC Corporation's products, please,

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