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Direct Product Marking (DPM)

1. What is direct product marking or DPM?

DPM is a marking process that directly applies a UID mark to a product. DPM processes include industrial ink jet printing, laser etching, dot peening and electro-chemical etching. Label affixing is not a direct product marking process.


2. We currently use rubber stamps to mark our product information but are now required to direct product mark our parts with Mil-Std 130 UID compliant 2D codes. What process alternatives are available for compliance?

Inkjet, laser etching, dot peening, electro-chemical etching and labeling are all process alternatives capable of meeting Mil-Std 130 requirements. The first step is to review your contractual requirements to see if a particular process has been identified by your customer.

Assuming no specific process has been defined by your customer, the next step is to determine whether an additive or subtractive process is preferred. An additive process is one in which the UID mark is added to your part. Industrial ink jet printing and labeling are additive processes. A subtractive process is one where material is removed from the part to generate the UID mark. Examples of subtractive processes are laser etching, dot peening and electro-chemical etching.

The closest process to rubber stamping is industrial ink jet printing. Most industrial ink jet printing systems are digital ink jet printing systems capable of printing alpha-numeric text, bar codes, 2D codes, serial numbers and logos. Selecting the right ink jet printer, ink and system configuration is crucial to implementing a robust, reliable ink jet marking system alternative to rubber stamping.



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