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Printed Circuit Board Marking System Offers Cost Savings For Product Identification

Irvine, California -- JETEC Corporation® introduces it's BMS-Series™ Board Marking System, a fully-automated printed circuit board (PCB) marking systems  capable of printing bar code, 2-D code, logos and custom characters directly onto printed circuit boards. Available as an in-line or stand-alone solution, the system eliminates the need for paper labels, automated label applicators, custom screen printers and rubber stamps. The BMS-Series™ accepts both single and multi-up PCB's ranging in size from  2" x 2" to 24" x 18" and is 18% faster than previous models.

Click on the image to see the NEW BMS98By eliminating paper labels, the BMS-Series™ can generate significant cost savings and return on investment for PCB manufacturers. For example, the average cost of a 1.00 in. x 0.25 in.  preprinted polyester label is $0.03 per label, while ESD polyimide labels can exceed $0.10 per label. The BMS-Series™ prints ink which immediately dries to the touch, is impervious to solvents and fluxes, and presents none of the ESD concerns associated with paper labels. Additional cost savings  can be realized because the system's direct marking process does not require expensive Hysol ink patches on the PCB for a fully readable code.

Built to offer high in-line throughput, the BMS-Series™ features an industrial inkjet printer capable of printing character heights as small as 0.35" tall. This high speed printer, combined with the system's advanced motion control mechanism, allows the BMS-Series™ to achieve board-to-board cycle times of less than 6 seconds. In addition, the system is capable of handling a variety of board widths, identifying single and multi-up boards, and placing marks along both the X and Y planes. It is fully compatible with SMEMA machine interface standards.

The BMS-Series™ enables manufacturers to address mandatory  PCB identification requirements for Supplier Idenification Code and Item Identification Code. Its flexible inkjet printing process also allows  PCB manufacturers to fully comply with PCB identification standards such as ANSI MH10.83M/ISO 15434; ANSI/EIA 706 and EIA PN 3497.

The system is designed for ease-of-use and minimal downtime. It is compatible with Windows 3.11, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. JETEC's IMS™ Software features a user-friendly touchscreen interface and offers fast equipment setup and part change-over. The  BMS-Series™ is built to integrate with SMEMA compatible conveyors, and LIFO buffers and accumulators. It features an industrial-grade CPU and a 10base T network adapter. Flexibility is enhanced by a number of options, including a bar code reader, 2-D code scanner, dual print head configuration, user-defined custom access database, and in-line vision based marking identification.

"The BMS-Series™ represents a cost-effective solution to the product identification and traceability requirements faced by PCB manufacturers," said Derreck Ford, President of JETEC Corporation. "User friendly IMS™ software interface allows for minimal set-up and part change-over time. Everything is simple, serviceable, neatly wired and easy to clean."

JETEC Corporation has pioneered non-contact, direct marking technology for a wide range of industries. JETEC specializes in the design and manufacture of computer-controlled, interactive product making systems for bar and 2D coding, custom software, and international product identification. JETEC's approach to product marking systems offers an unprecedented reduction in manufacturing costs and cycle times while improving product quality. JETEC's customer have  utilized laser and inkjet marking solutions in industries such as printed circuit board manufacturing, semiconductor, electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace, appliance and industrial manufacturing. To learn more about JETEC Corporation's products, please,

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