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Mil-Std 130
UID Solutions


Integrated Marking Station

Your Best Solution for Low Volume, Instantaneous Marking

The JETEC LMS-130™ Integrated Marking Station is a series of desktop, computer-controlled ink jet marking systems designed to replace traditional air brush spraying, offset printing, and screen printing used for most low volume aerospace, medical, textile, and electronic products requiring instantaneous product marking capability.

Marking Capabilities:

  • Multi-line Alphanumeric – Standard Windows® font compatible
  • Bar codes – UPCA, Code 39, 93, 128, UPCA etc.
  • Logo and customized characters
  • Automatic date and product serialization
  • Accepts JEDEC trays, Auer boats, and most multiple cavity trays


  • Completely turn-key, ready to use
  • Three standard desktop configurations to choose from
  • Ink dries immediately to the touch
  • Cycle times less than 1 second per mark
  • Multi-level access password for utmost security
  • Programmable character height from 0.035” to 0.333”
  • User-friendly JETEC IMS™ control software included for minimal setup and parts change-over times
  • Data by user-input or downloaded file via RS232
  • On-line fault monitoring


Dimension 30"W x 31"H x 36"D
Axes 1 to 3
Marking Envelope 16"W x 11" H x 4"D possible
Character Height 0.030" - 0.333"
Print Matrix User-selectable 5x7; 7x9; 10x16; 16x24
Drive Mechanism Closed Loop DC Servo
Print Speed 10" per second Maximum based on manual operator loading
Position Resolution 0.001"
Repeatability 0.005"
Operating Conditions · 40° - 100° Temperature Range
· 10% - 90% Humidity
· 80 psi - 3 SCFM dry, oil-free, filtered air
· 115 VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase 20A
Standard Configuration and Compatibility · CPU
· Industrial grade non-contact ink jet printer
· Stainless steel multi-purpose tooling plate
· JETEC IMS™ Marking software
· Works with JEDEC trays, Auer boats, and most multiple cavity trays
System Options · Integral Safety Light Curtain Enclosure
· Sturdy Workstation


Standard Configurations Available:

Model X-Axis Y-Axis Z-Axis
LMS 18A-12M-4M 16" Motorized 11" Manual 4" Manual
LMS 18A-12A-4M 16" Motorized 11" Motorized 4" Manual
LMS 18A-12A-4A 16" Motorized 11" Motorized 4" Motorized


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