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PI-2000, PI-2200, PI-2300 Series Product Identification Assurance Inspection Systems

JETEC Corporation, a leader in direct product marking (DPM) systems using industrial ink jet or laser technologies, is pleased to announce the expansion of our product line to include machine vision based, high speed product marking verification systems.

Our PI-2000, PI-2200 and PI-2300 Series product identification assurance systems have been designed to assist food, beverage and medical/pharmaceutical manufacturers in putting an end to product recalls due to incorrectly labeled (misbranded) or mislabeled products.

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PI-2000 Series System
The PI-2000 Series System features a proprietary high speed MRV (machine-readable vision) board, integrated camera, lighting and part sensing mechanism, user friendly interactive MRV software, internal cooling system, digital I/O and tower light/alarm. The PI-2000 System features all solid state components with a minimum MTBF of 26,000 hours or three (3) years.

PI-2200 Series System

The PI-2200 Series System is a PC-based system capable of performing high speed template matching and/or machine readable product marking verification. Using video processing hardware, interpretive software and the PC environment for the storage of image and database files, the PI-2200 Series is ideal for customers preferring a Windows based system platform.

The PI-2300 Series Vision System features a smart Pulnix camera with fuzzy logic that is capable of making its own decisions based on the actual product marking. Using neural network technology the PI-2300 camera assembly allows initial teaching of acceptable and unacceptable parameters but can actively learn and adjust to code variations. The net result is image learning without repetitive programming.

PI-2300 Series Vision System

All JETEC's PI-Series Vision Systems can be accessed either through the customers internal local area network or directly via the Internet. In addition, a USB port is provided to permit the downloading of stored images and statistics to the portable USB drive provided.

Portable USB Drive

Washdown System Configurations Available

JETEC's PI-Series Vision Systems are available with NEMA 12 or NEMA-4X enclosures. Customers can select from either a single enclosure configuration housing the camera/light assembly, isolated electronics, display and mouse interface or a separate camera/light assembly and electronics enclosure. An optional air actuated vortex cooling unit is available for both system configurations. Digital I/O is provided on all PI-Series vision systems for activation of reject conveyors, stoppage of conveyors, diverters, etc. In addition, all systems are shipped with a green/yellow/red/alarm tower assembly for visual process monitoring.

High Speed Product Marking Verification

JETEC Corporation's PI-Series Vision Systems are capable of discerning product markings at speeds in excess of 1,500 codes per minute, depending on number of inspected characters per code, on metal cans, bottles, cardboard boxes, plastic containers or bottle caps.Each system is capable of reading slanted codes up to 20 degrees in either the right or left direction and detecting missing or illegible codes.

Systems are capable of reading standard ink jet font matrices: 5 x7, 7x9, 10x16, 16x24 or any combination.

OCRA, OCRB and custom character reading is also achievable.Capable of reading ink jet printed codes from most industrial ink jet printer manufacturers: Videojet, Imaje, Domino, Metronic, etc.

Inspection Statistics

Good Read, Failed Read, Miss Read and No Read online statistics are maintained. Customers can select a "STOP ON FAIL" and/or "STOP ON MISS" quantity to trigger an unacceptable occurrence. Separate I/O is provided for both of these conditions. The system display shows a real-time image of each product code being inspected. The status bar will change color from green to red indicating the presence of a passed or failed code. The system statistics are Ethernet accessible.

The PI-Series Vision Systems support online customer product code database checking. By checking product markings against the internal customer product code database miss reads or failed reads based on non-product codes are significantly reduced.

Optional Hamming Distance Firmware

Product recall prevention systems using vision based systems are highly dependent on the quality of the marking operation. Unfortunately, most industrial ink jet printers print characters with a minimum two pixel difference between characters.

Thus, problems discerning such characters as "O" and "0", "5" and "S" and "2" and "Z" can result. To eliminate this problem and provide JETEC customers the ability to significantly reduce failed code occurrences, JETEC offers a Font Analysis Software.

Using our Font Analysis Software, JETEC customers can determine the hamming distance (minimum pixel distance between characters). With this information customers can modify their printed fonts and increase the hamming distance between fonts. The new fonts can be downloaded to your industrial ink jet printer or laser marker using JETEC's IMS2701 Software.

Selecting the Right Vision System For Your Application

JETEC Corporation can identify the right PI-Series Vision System configuration for your application. By selecting JETEC as your Product Identification Partner, your company is taking the first step towards improving your product marking operation. Whether your company’s goal is to eliminate the risk of a Class 1 recall, or to ensure the right product code is readable by your customer, or to identify those codes which are missing or illegible, JETEC can assist you.

The right system for your application may include: interfacing with bar code or 2D code scanners, installation of diverters or reject mechanisms, or the addition of existing printing devices (industrial ink jet printers, laser markers or label applicators). The team at JETEC Corporation has the knowledge and experience to provide turn-key solutions.

To learn how JETEC can assist you in improving your product marking and verification process, contact your local JETEC representative or visit us at www.jetec.com. To talk to a JETEC application engineer directly, call (714) 979-9611. For immediate assistance please have your response to the attached questionnaire form completed.

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