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TECH ALERT: Limited Support of ISA Based Systems

Due to the continuing advances to PC system configurations it is becoming difficult to obtain PC motherboards with ISA slots. Therefore, effective July 1, 2004 JETEC will no longer be able to supply replacement ISA based motherboards for the repair of JETEC systems. Depending on your JETEC system, the unavailability of replacement ISA based motherboards may also impact the use of ISA configured boards currently installed within your system computer. ISA cards affected include, but are not limited to: motion control board, I/O controller, serial cards and video cards.

To minimize the risk of unplanned downtime caused by motherboard failures JETEC is recommending that all ISA based computer systems within JETEC systems be upgraded to JETEC’s recommended system configuration.

Recommended System Computer Upgrade

There are two (2) system computer configurations available from JETEC. One is for systems with desktop computers and the other for systems with rack mount computers. Each computer is shipped with the following minimum components: PCI based motherboard, processor, 512 Mb Ram, case, power supply, CDRW drive, hard drive, I/O controller card, floppy drive, 4 serial ports, keyboard, optical mouse and your choice of Win2000 or WinXP Professional*.


P/N 10007525 KIT JET, DESKTOP, CPU UPGRADE $1,495.00
P/N 10007526 KIT JET, RACKMOUNT, CPU UPGRADE $1,995.00

Optional Monitors:

P/N 10005369 CHW 17” Flat Screen Monitor, SVGA $ 225.00
P/N 10006852 CHW 17” Flat Panel Monitor, SVGA $ 495.00

Replacement PCI Based Motion Controller Kits:

Older JETEC systems will require motion control retrofit kits to upgrade from ISA-to-PCI servo control without any wiring changes to the existing system. Each upgrade kit contains a PCI motion control board, replacement cable, interface box assembly and installation instructions.

Check with your local JETEC sales or service representative to determine the right upgrade kit for your system. All that is required is your system serial number from the metal identification tag located on the rear of your system.

Upgrade Kit Pricing:

P/N 10007521 KIT JET, Single Axis ISA-to-PCI Motion Control Upgrade $ 3,150.00
P/N 10007522 KIT JET, 2-Axis ISA-to-PCI Motion Control Upgrade $ 3,150.00
P/N 10007523 KIT JET, 3-Axis ISA-to-PCI Motion Control Upgrade $ 3,410.00
P/N 10007524 KIT JET, 4-Axis ISA-to-PCI Motion Control Upgrade $ 3,710.00

While upgrading your JETEC system we encourage you to consider upgrading to our most current IMS™ Software. To find out more about our latest system software offerings, click here. JETEC now offers an annual software subscription to JETEC customers, which provides automatic software upgrades, technical support and online software back-up service for a low annual membership fee.

JETEC System and/or IMS Software upgrades can be purchased directly online at our Online Store, using Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover Card.

For more information, contact your local JETEC Sales Executive.

Contact JETEC:

Tel: (949) 477-6161
Fax: (949) 477-6167




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