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Mil-Std 130
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2D Code Readers & Verification

2D Code Readers & Scanners

JETEC can provide various 2D code readers for use within 2D code printing applications. Both fixed mount and hand-held scanners may be required in support of your 2D code system implementation. JETEC specializes in product marking solutions. Look to JETEC to identify and provide the right 2D code scanners for your application. In most cases, JETEC will provide a solution incorporating one or several of the 2D scanners indicated below:




2D Code Verification

JETEC offers 2D code verification systems capable of reading, evaluating, grading and detecting quality problems associated with direct product marked 2D codes. Incorporating a 2D code verifier will aid in detecting mark quality problems such as: improper or inconsistent mark dot/cell size, improper or inconsistent mark dot/cell location, improper overall mark geometry, mark or part surface damage or mark contrast problems.

TruCheck™ Verifier

TruCheck automatically scans the linear barcodes from top to bottom at a fixed speed and focal distance, accurately reads 10 ANSI parameters. On every scan, it saves data to a computer via the RS-232 output. It will confirm bar width reduction prior to platemaking. It is hand-free operated!

HawkEye™ Direct Part Mark Verifier

The RVSI Hawkeye DPM Verifier supports IAQG, ISO and AIM verification standards for broad applicability. A 2D code is read and a grade of A/B/C/D/F is assigned to the code. In addition, the code is analyzed for: cell size, cell center offset, cell size offset, cell modulation, border match, angle of distortion, symbol contrast, axial non-uniformity, print growth and unused error correction. JETEC provides PC integrated Hawkeye verification systems to assist in statistical ensuring a robust 2D code DPM process.

VIS8000™ 2D Code Verification System

The JETEC VIS8000 2D Code Verification System has been designed for 2D code quality assurance. Available in either a desktop or laptop configuration, the VIS8000 system integrates 2D code verification with an Access database to provide a quantitative approach towards statistical process control of the 2D direct product marking process.
Systems are available with RVSI, Cognex and Microscan 2D code readers. For more information, contact a JETEC Sales Representative.


JETEC Corporation has the capability of upgrading your present marking process to include 2D code marking and reading in compliance with Mil-Std-130. For those customers with existing ink jet or laser marking systems our IMS2701 Software can provide the necessary 2D code marking capability without requiring additional marking equipment. Otherwise, JETEC can provide complete, turnkey 2D code marking systems. All of the marking systems offered by JETEC Corporation provide the capability to print traditional 1D bar codes as well as 2D codes. JETEC marking systems incorporate industrial ink jet, laser scribing and dot peening technologies for Direct Product Marking (DPM), thereby creating a permanent robust mark without the expense and hassle of labels. Additionally, all 2D codes require a 2D code reader for encoding; they cannot be read using an ordinary linear bar code scanner. Process engineers should be aware that there is a large variance in how well vendor 2D code readers perform on varying surfaces. Knowing which industrial marker and reader to use for your specific application can be challenging. We encourage you to allow JETEC to use our expertise in Mark-Read systems to select the best product marking and read verification system for your application. Contact us for free consultation, sample marking, product demonstration and systems definition.

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2D Codes Readers
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